Fees And Rates

My Fees and Rates:

$200.00 per 50 minute session for individual therapy sessions.

$200.00 per 50 minute session for individual Brainspotting sessions.

Sessions are on a weekly basis to start. Over time as progress is made, we can drop down to every other week to eventually graduating from therapy.


I am no longer on insurance panels. I am considered an “Out-Of-Network” provider, which means that I do not accept insurance directly. If you are hoping to get a percentage of your therapy fee reimbursed by your insurance for sessions, I can provide you with a monthly receipt called a “Superbill.” You would submit this to your insurance, if you have “Out Of Network” benefits, which you would need to contact your insurance for this information. 

I do not offer sliding scale, to stay fair with my fee with each client.

Why would I choose to pay private, instead of using my insurance benefits?

With paying privately for therapy, you have full confidentiality without having to worry about insurance audits, on your file. You can receive therapy sessions, without having to get authorization from your insurance, and without worry that your insurance will limit the amount of sessions. You do not need a formal DSM or mental health diagnosis, to be seen privately. Without a diagnosis, or meeting medical necessity, insurance will not pay for services and your diagnosis will be in your health record. Also by not taking insurance, I’m able to maintain a smaller caseload of clientele, and put more energy into my focus with providing the best of care to each of my clients.

Contact me to schedule a free 15 minute consultation:

You can chose to either call me at: #707-583-9388, or email me directly at: therapy@lorintierneylmft.com

Cancellation Policy:

Please give at least a 24hrs. notice, of your appointment cancelation. Otherwise you will be billed the full session fee, for the late cancelation or no show. Charges with placed onto your credit card on file.