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Your feeling exhausted all the time.

Life is passing you by and your days blur together.

You don’t feel awake, or fully present.

Your walking through life on auto pilot, so emotionally disconnected to yourself and your relationships. 

Your way of coping is not working anymore.

You worry too much about all the little things, that your stress level has reached a whole new level. 

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You're at your threshold and now your headed towards a mental break down.

You don't have to keep living your life like this.

Therapy can help.

When we ignore the warning signs that our mind and body produce, we will break down.

We can only handle so much stress that life throws us.

We were not meant to function at this constant stress level.  

Therapy can bring you back to life, by reconnecting yourself back into your body.

You will feel awake and present, with learning how to cope with stress mindfully. 

Moving Forward.

Are you ready to start living your life, your best life? 

We will explore in depth and pinpoint what happened, to produce this high anxiety.

We’ll get to the “heart of the matter.”

Together we’ll rebuild a new and improved version of yourself, to create real sustainable change. 

Your mind and body, will feel more light and free.

You’ll be able to move through your day, feeling confident, in control and more balanced.

You’ll have more energy to spend quality time, with your loved ones. 

Are you ready for change? I’m here to support you.

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If you’re ready to start living your life freely! Click the button below or give me a call at (707)583-9388, and let’s begin your journey!


Meet Lorin Tierney

I know way to well, what it’s like to live life on auto pilot.

I’ve been there enough to understand how stress affects our mental, physical and spiritual health. 

I feel so honored to be the support person, for so many clients that I’ve helped over the years and currently. 

I know that there will always be the occasional stress, we cannot escape it.

By learning how to approach issues mindfully, along with efficient coping skills, it will help you through difficult times.

A new approach will make all the difference. 

If you're ready to start living your life, with a better handle on life stress and to be fully present, let’s start now.  

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