Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your office located?

I conduct my Telehealth sessions, from my home office in Sonoma County, CA. 

Do you offer online counseling?

Yes, I am 100% Telehealth, so I am able to see anyone living in the state of California. Unfortunately, I am not able to see people who live outside of California. 

What are your hours and days?

My work hours and days are: Monday thru Thursdays, from: 10:30 to 5:00pm.

How long are sessions?

My sessions are 50 minutes long.

How much do you charge?

I charge $200.00 per session.

Do you take insurance?

I am no longer taking insurance, so I am considered an “Out-Of-Network” provider, which means that I do not accept insurance directly. If you are hoping to get reimbursed by your insurance, for sessions, I can provide you with a monthly receipt called a “Superbill.” You would submit this to your insurance, if you have “Out Of Network” benefits, which you would need to contact your insurance for this information. 

Why would I choose to pay private, instead of using my insurance benefits?

With paying privately for therapy, you have full confidentiality without having to worry about insurance audits, on your file. You can receive therapy sessions, without having to get authorization from your insurance, and without worry that your insurance will limit the amount of sessions. You do not need a formal DSM or mental health diagnosis, to be seen privately. Without a diagnosis, or meeting medical necessity, insurance will not pay for services and your diagnosis will be in your health record. Also by not taking insurance, I’m able to maintain a smaller caseload of clientele, and put more energy into my focus with helping people. 

How do I set up an initial appointment?

You can chose to either call me at: #707-583-9388, or email me directly at:

What is your cancellation policy?

Please give at least a 24hrs. notice, of your appointment cancelation. Otherwise you will be billed the full session fee, for the late cancelation or no show. Charges with placed onto your credit card on file.

How much paperwork do I have to fill out?

I have two sets of paperwork, the client intake forms and the client consent forms. These forms are quite lengthy, but they are legal documents consenting to therapy services. 

What can I expect in a first session?

I will be collecting more in depth the history of your presenting issues, symptoms and past experiences, to understand how it impacts your mental, physical and spiritual health. We will explore your support network and your coping skills, strengths and resources. Together we will discuss and develop your therapy goals. 

With whom do you work with?

I work with individual adults who are in co-dependent relationships. They want to improve their communication with being able to express their feelings, needs, thoughts and wants. They also want to have better coping skills, learn how to set boundaries with their intimate partner, and overall have healthier functioning relationships. 

I also help people who are in relationships where there is Narcissistic Abuse. They want to learn how to communicate boundaries, to protect their mental health from their partner’s abuse. For those that have left their partner, our focus is on prevention and emotionally healing from Narcissistic abuse. 

With working with people, who have work-life stress, our goal is on stress management. We work on finding a better balance, and healthier ways to cope, to reduce their stress level. 

What is your approach?

In working with clients, I use both a psychodynamic and mindfulness approach. With the psychodynamic approach, I explore a clients past history and experiences, to better understand, or uncover how it impacts the person currently. Building a strong therapeutic relationship, is the foundation of working towards your growth. With using a mindfulness approach with clients, the focus is to become fully aware and present, of their feelings and thoughts, without judgement. I weave in brain spotting techniques, with mindfulness approach, to help securely ground your feelings and thoughts into your body, to make decisions without over reacting.

How long will it take?

I remind my clients that the work they put into therapy, is what they will get out of it. It’s hard to know in general how long someone may need therapy. It depends on a number of things, such as how intense are your symptoms, are you motivated with making changes, and if you are doing the exercises provided. We'll do progress checks frequently to assess where you are at, and to get an idea of when you may need less sessions. For the average client, it can take anywhere between, 3 to 6 months, or even a year. 

Will I have homework?

I do provide homework as needed, especially if you are learning a new tool. Homework can be useful to have in between sessions, and can help to move your progress along.

How often will we need to have a session?

So In the beginning of therapy I do weekly sessions with clients. This gives me time to really get to know you, understand the issues at hand and to create momentum with your progress, towards your therapy goals. Over time we can discuss the possibility of decreasing sessions to every other week, to once a month and eventually graduating from therapy altogether. 

Tell me something fun about yourself!

I'm a big time foodie! I love to cook, bake, find a new restaurant and eat!