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You have taken on the world, but you are so close to hitting your rock bottom. You’re feeling overwhelmed, with trying to do ALL*THE*THINGS. You’re constantly putting the needs of others, before yours. You don’t know how to ask for your needs or wants, in your relationships. You’re self sacrificing because you don’t know how to say no. So you pile on more responsibilities to please others, but you’re emotionally and physically exhausted all the time. You may have chose a career in the health field because you want to help, or serve others. You struggle so hard with wanting to find a work-life balance. You don’t know how to ask for help. You don’t want to burden those close to you, with your life problems. You’re constantly feeling stressed, depressed and stuck. You are no where near living your best life.

I work with people who find themselves in codependent relationships, with their intimate partner/spouse, family members and in their friendships. They are caretakers at heart, influenced by their cultural and societal upbringing. People who identify as caretakers, are not taught that it’s ok to set boundaries in their relationships. Caretakers are often unaware of how their behaviors greatly impact their entire wellbeing, until they experience psychosomatic symptoms; physical symptoms triggered by emotional stress.

Let’s work on identifying your feelings, needs, wants, and desires. I will help you to find your voice, so you can express your needs confidently to others. You’ll learn to communicate boundaries, to stop unhealthy patterns and behaviors from negatively affecting your mental and physical health. We will develop a healthy balance, caring for others, while taking care of your needs. Together we will build a self-care plan, uniquely tailored to support your whole health.

Itʼs time to start living your life!